Good news for Beer Drinkers!

Dogs living in US are really fortunate! Happy Tail Ale are beer brewed just for dogs. I am drooling as I read... hmmm... I wonder if I can persuade HC to get it shipped to Singapore?

Well, actually I have not really tasted 'human' beer. But, I have tried white wine before and I loved it. In fact, HC got to physically stopped me from drinking more. It was a human party, and as a joke, HC's friend poured some wine on our drinking bowl. Jack and a few of my canine friends turned their nose away from the wine, but not me. In fact, I am as much of a "garbage collector" as Herbie is.

Anyone going to US? Can help me to get two cartons back????? please........

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Aisling said...

There's a company in Australia that will design personalised beer labels for their bottles and have them shipped to you within 48 hours.

I'm not sure if they have started making Dog's beer yet but perhaps you can get some with your photo on it as a souvenir?

I'm sure your HC would appreciate it as a gift...

Visit for more info