I have always been slightly allergic to grass. Thus, HC ensure that she washed me thoroughly after every walk and put some antiseptic cream on the rashes.

However, recently I started to have more rashes, on my body as well as belly. HC does not think it is merely from the grass. She applied alot more cream all over and put on this hideous thing on me so that I won't try to lick it off.

I hate this thing - can you tell from my body language?

HC remembered that for the last week, she has been feeding us 1 cherry every night as she heard that cherries has natural melatonin and aids in sleeping (actually, we don't need melatonin to sleep!!!). Anyway, she reckoned that I must be allergic to cherry since there is no change to our diet/routine.

How can any dog be allergic to cherry?? Look how nice, big and juicy these are.... how can it be... life is so unfair!

Actually, HC does not need to stop our cherries consumption. All she has to do is to continue to feed me so that I can slowly develop an immunity to it.. RIGHT??? HEARD THAT???


Snowball said...

I agree with you totally,Joey! But I doubt HC will never agree to that. :P

Get well soon!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Joey!
Wearing the headcone is not fun!
Cherries are delicious but maybe not too good for you!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

My Human Aunt is TERRIBLY allergic to cherries. Are you guys related??