Happy 9th Adoption Anniversary

Time really flies. This is the 9th year since Jack came to live with HC.

Jack was a mean terror 9 years ago. He bit humans whenever things were not to his liking i.e. time for shower, training,being touched or when he's just unhappy that someone walked pass when he's asleep. Well, actually almost everything were not to his liking then.

HC remembered that during his first training class - he sat with his bum facing the trainer no matter how HC tried to push him to sit facing trainer. hahaha..

Now, he is so much better behaved. I guess it has to do with love, security, patience and training. He no longer has to worry about being abandoned... (HC added : when something is not to his liking nowadays - he just grumbled.. ALOT.. hahaha)

Happy 9th Anniversary, Jack. (7.5 yrs with me since I came later)

Jack is the not-as-handsome dog, on the left side.


Alfie's Mum said...

Fi/I disagree........both are as handsome as the other! They were Fi's special 'men' in her life.

Joey said...

I thought I am the "one and only" boyfriend of Fi????

Joe Stains said...

Happy dogaversary Jack!!

Alfie's Mum said...

Ha3, Joey, Confession time - I saw your brudder and Fi kissed a few times behind your back. Oopps, I just told on Fiffy!

Helios said...

you mean jack was already behaving like an old man 9 years ago??!

oh, and thanks for the pie and cake. it was yummy! And I had some for breakfast this morning!

billiejean said...

Happy Barkday Jack! You still look great after all these years! HC must be taking real well care of you!

Billie Jean and Cookie

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hey, I have never seen you and Jack looking/ posing so 'lovingly' togetehr!! Well done!!
Happy Adoption Day to you Jack!
It's a vast improvement from what I can see, grumbling is heaps better than biting.. whew!!

Psst: Yah.. Hershey is now allowed on the bed.. actually it's not that she's 'allowed'.. she just jumps on the bed when the humans are fast asleep and makes herself at home.. then gradually it's become a 'norm'.. **sigh**

Dog Checks said...

ahhh there all snuggled up, cute