Scuba's birthday

It was Scuba, the bull terrier birthday last Friday.

HC brought us to celebrate his birthday with him. (read : eat his cake! lol)

Our presents to him (HC: ya right... Joey tried to steal the presents back from Scuba a couple of times, luckily I managed to remind him it was supposed to be a 'present' and you can't take it back. lol)

Scuba's mum bought him some cookies and a cake (see later pic).

Since it was his birthday, HC decided to do something unheard of... she encouraged Scuba to take the dog cookies from the human table! That was a NO-NO for all of us.

But Scuba, being the most gentle and s-l-o-w (as in movement.. not intellect, ok?) dog need lots of physical encouragement.

(Note from HC : Scuba is unlike any bull terrier, or any other dog for that matter. He's very gentle, has a good temperament, sleeps alot (like 22hrs a day), walks a little, He spend whatever little waking moments in a trance-like state.... he's a really sweet but peculiar dog)

HC formed a 'bridge' for him to cross to the table.

It took him like 5 long mins and baits to get him to cross the 'bridge'. LOL

Finally... he's m-o-v-i-n-g.... s-l-o-w-l-y to the target.

Can u see Jack waiting patiently behind the table? I was actually right beside Scuba, like a jumping kangaroo!

Can you save some crumbs for me, Scubs?

Finally his cake!
Front view

Side view

Scuba thinking if he should eat it?

Then he decided to slowly lick the cream off!

We got so impatient with Scuba that we were screaming our lungs off. It took a long time before the humans decided to do him (and us) a favor and cut it into smaller pieces.
We had fun that night. Who's birthday next? MINE! And I want a double storey house, with an extra attic, ok? oh.. and maybe a large garden?

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