UK Soldier, Loyal Dog die on same day

In recent canine related news - a UK Soldier was killed in a firefight with insurgents in Helmand Province and his bomb-sniffing dog suffered a fatal seizure hours later at a British army base, likely brought about by stress.... read link here

The dog, who is very young (22 months) probably died from a broken heart after knowing his handler was dead. Dogs who worked with their handlers usually formed a very close bond.

Even though HC has two dogs - Jack and I, she has to admit that I bonded with her alot more.

She has attended Search & Rescue training with me for the last 8 years (I started SAR training when I was18 months old), and through these many many sessions - both of us have learned alot. She has learnt to read my body language and I have learnt to work with her seamlessly.
For example, when my SAR vest come loose while working, I would pause midway through my sniffing work and let her tighten my vest.
Once, she saw from far (usually she is about a few metres away from me) that there is a big gaping hole below where I was standing, and said "careful". I look down to see what she is talking about and moved away from the site. One of the officers was there to witness it, and was impressed with how I could understand what she meant.

I have always love going to the dog park and play fetch. But once, a friend brought us there instead.. and no matter how he enticed me with the ball, I wasn't in a mood to play fetch, and would stand by the entrance waiting for HC to appear.

Dogs are loyal beings... but sad to say, not all humans are.

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