Alfie's mum bought bones for us during her trip to Australia some months back. It has been sitting in the fridge until HC finally remembered to let us have it.

See.. the bone is almost as long as my leg!

Jack is enjoying his too.

Thanks for your generosity, Auntie SK!

By the way, we loved the goat tendons too!


billiejean said...

How long did you get to chew on the bone? Can you finish it? Is it lamb bone? Mummy likes to give us kangaroo back bones from Aussie.

Lorenza said...

Those bones look delicious!
Kisses and hugs

Alfie's Mum said...

Most welcome J/J. U wanna come play with Happy Boy sometime next week?? Right now hes back at his Mum's home as I have a busy schedule this week.