Charity Doggieshoot

A couple of weeks back, HC booked us a slot for Charity Doggieshoot organised by Helios' M.

Jack and I were excited yet anxious as we were in a strange place with lots of funny smell and hundreds of legs (HC : there were like 20 humans and 4-5 dogs actually!)

Here's me anxiously waiting for the shoot to begin.

(HC : Joey often lift up 1 leg when he is excited or very focus on something. A friend of mine said this is a pointing stance. )

Mirror Image.

Joey: I'm getting a bit worried on a high table, and lots of strange stuff and smell.
Look carefully, and you'll see a tiny eye bag on my left eye. Think it was due to the accident I had.

(HC : All of Joey's pic had him looking like a frightened dog. This is the less frighten look)

Jack pictures came out a lot nicer than mine :(

Handsome Jack *puke* (according to HC)


Joe Stains said...

you guys are BOTH so handsome!!

Pete Dowan said...

Hi Friend of Joey and Jack;
Pete Dowan here !
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Huskee and Hershey said...

Hey Joey... guess what! Hershey does that 'pointing stance' thing like you too!! But in her case, she does it just before she pounces on someone/ something! LOL!!

Wow.. is Jack's wearing his new and expensive collar??