Happy Birthday

We had a joint birthday celebration last Sat - Auntie V (Scuba's mum), Uncle M (Tommy's dad), Tommy and myself.

Auntie V was holding me otherwise I would have jumped on the table and ate up the human's and dog's cake.

(sometime after this shot, I actually turned and nipped Tommy's face! HC said I was being overly food possessive.)

Auntie V was saying it's not fair that the humans' cake was so much smaller than the dogs! hahaha.

Close-up shot of Tommy's and my cake - made with love from Auntie V and Auntie Sam.
Tommy is 7 years and I'm 8 this year. We both love balls, so Auntie V added 4 balls for us.

This is one of my presents from Helios' mum. A conjoined twin dog!

I was actually rolling on the toy. Not sleeping :)


billiejean said...

Is your Birthday cake like 2 KG big? Is it homemade? Looks very presentable leh.. Time flies Joey, I knew you when I was a puppy and now you are 8 years old..You still as active and look real good..

Joey said...

Probably more than 2 kg? haha.. yes it made by Scuba's mum and caregiver. Ya.. time really flies