My human grandpa passed away almost 2 weeks ago. It took the entire family by surprise as he was perfectly healthy. He was only feeling slight unwell and tired the day before, and passed away while taking an afternoon nap the next day. Everyone was sad, but on the other hand they were glad that he passed away peacefully. Everyone in the funeral said that my human grandpa had led a good life, and a good death.

HC was kept busy the past week, and we were sent to the FAT FARM (a.k.a. Scuba’s home) for some love, tender and FOOD. HC claimed that our stomach were bloated when she fetched us home. We’re not telling what Scuba’s human fed us.

Two days ago, we went back to grandpa’s home for a family meal. And, I did something that sorta freaked my human aunt (HC’s sister) out…. heehee

(HC : While the humans gathered in the living room chatting and watching t.v., my sister saw Joey took his ball to my dead dad’s room. She saw Joey playing the ball, and after a while, he put the ball in front of him and laid down on the floor, looking expectedly. She said it is the same way Joey behaved when he wants us to throw the ball for him to fetch. She felt as though my dad’s spirit was in the room, and Joey was asking him to play fetch with him. *goosebumps*)


billiejean said...

How old is your grandpa in doggie year? as old as Jack?

Joey said...

granddad is probably 10.3 doggie years - younger than Jack :)

Huskee and Hershey said...

G, I am full of envy of your dad cos that'd be THE way I hope to die. Gee.. I do think Joey was engaging your dad's spirit in a game of 'fetch'!!

Joey said...

S, I know. I wish I will die the same manner too. But, someone better find my dead corpse fast or my dogs will die of starvation or have to eat me to survive. haha.