Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

We started the year with good news!

HC sent Jack and I for a comprehensive blood test.

The test results came up with good readings on our liver, kidney, red blood cells, white blood cells etc.. and a physical check comes with no adnormality too.

HC intended to let Jack and I go for a dental scaling as well. But kind Dr. Chua said it is not necessarily as there is not much tartar to clean for Jack's teeth (considering that Jack is now 14-15 years - that is good dental news). As for me, only two of my back teeth requires scaling. But HC decided to go ahead and let me have the dental scaling done now as I am still in good health. She didn't want to wait a few more years as I am already 10 years old now.

(HC : Jack has very good teeth with very little tartar as he keeps it in good condition by constanting gnawing on raw bones and dental chews daily. As for Joey, he does not gnaw as often as Jack, but he does get his raw bones once a month. However, he lost his upper back teeth a while back and he doesn't use that side of his mouth to gnaw bones, hence the build up in tartar.)

At the end of a long day (9a.m. to 3 p.m) we went home happy and exhausted, except for HC who spent more than $600 on us. hahaha

We were so happy to be home that we started playing with each other (HC : they hardly play together in this manner. Usually they let each other do their own thing at home)

We also bought some CNY plants.

Jack has been sniffing this plant for a while. HC thinks he might want to try to eat them one day.

Here's a sleepy Jack wishing all pups good health always.

And me (Joey) wishing all humans lots of prosperity. Huat!


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billiejean said...

Your mummy really takes good care of you two.. we hardly go see vet for check up... Don't do full blood test annually also..