New Doggy Friend

A couple of months ago, HC's friend mentioned that he is interested in adopting a dog, preferably young and either a cairn terrier or a schnauzer breed.

Coincidentally, HC happened to chance upon a facebook's posting about a young couple who are looking to give away their dog to a good home.

On the viewing day itself, Jack and I were invited to visit the adopters and the dog. This is because HC's friend had never had dogs, and the adopters were worried about his inexperiences. So HC's friend roped in us to help to 'convince' the adopters that we could help him (the inexperienced new owner). HC's friend kept mentioning me as the 'search dog' (although I am already retrenched LOL), and how well-behaved and trained we are.

I guess our manners and HC's friend sincerity moved the adopters because they agreed within an hour of viewing even though they have other people keen to view the dog.

The dog was named 'hitam' as he was almost black as a puppy. (Hitam in malay means black). He was renamed 'I-Tam' by HC's friend later.

According to the first owner, I-tam has only been taken for walks 2-3x in his life. (he's 1.5 years old). He was mainly taken care by the couple's elderly mum - who finds it a struggle to take care of a young dog.

At first, HC's friend was worried that as the dog was not properly socialised, there may be troubles ahead. But their fears were unfounded, as I-tam proved to be very obedient and easy going.

I am happy to say that I-tam now gets at least 2 long walks daily, and on weekends, he gets to visit new doggy friend - us.

Ok, we are not as excited as I-tam. As some of you may know, we don't play with other dogs easily, and Jack is extremely grouchy towards strange dogs.

Even after 3-4 visits, we still have not warmed up to him.

Here's the proof.

I was sitting on I-tam owner's lap, and giving the owner kisses but I-tam has to come in-between us. Jack didn't like I-tam too and we both ganged up against him.

After almost 2 hours of trying to get us to play with him, he failed miserably and went to sleep.

Even though I don't like I-tam, I am glad he found an owner who is willing to spend time on him and showered him to lots of love.

HC is now trying to convince her friend to switch I-tam to raw food.

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