Introducing friends

Last Saturday, HC asked Itam (my new MS friend) and his owners to meet with Happy. I was really pleased at the thought of them meeting, for a very selfish reason.

You see, I have alot of admirers and Itam is one of them. He loves me soooo much that it irritates the hell out of me. He would tail me incessantly, even when I am busy playing fetch. Many a times, I got fed up and nipped him. He would stopped for like 5 minutes than continued to harrass me.

So I was hoping Happy and Itam would hit it off well, and leave me alone with my ball!

The two MS meeting each other for the first time. They were polite and sniffed each other a while. Unfortunately, there's about it! They didn't fall in love!

*The lighter fur is Happy and the darker, smaller dog is Itam

Happy was happier asking for treats.

and pats on the head.

(HC : There was a moment when Happy showed who his friends were, and treated Itam as a outsider. It happened when Joey yelled and nipped at Itam. Out of pain/shock, Itam screamed alittle. Happy, upon seeing this, went up to Itam with his body rigid and growled at Itam. It's as if Happy was saying "Leave my friend alone!". Luckily, I was beside them and said "HEY!!".. and that tense moment went away. )

An obligatory group photo.
(Did u see how Itam irritated me even when we were posing!!! Arrrgggghhhh)

After an hour, HC decided to go home and unfortunately she invited Itam's owners back to her place to have dinner!

(HC : Joey played in Happy's garden for an hour, yet he seemed to have so much energy that day. When we were packing to go home, he held on to his ball and jumped into the car. When we reached the car park, he brought the ball down on his own, carried it all the way, took the lift and finally reached our apartment... never once did he leave the ball out of his sight.)

After the human had dinner, I played tug and fetch with Itam's owner. Of course, that irritating Itam never left me alone.

Even when I was resting beside HC's friend, Itam had to sit close by.

And what was Jack up to the entire night? He stole Itam's favorite orange bone and brought it to his bed to chew.

It was a really fun but tiring day. I really don't mind playing so much again, except without Itam, ok??? please?


Alfie's Mum said...

JJ, pity Happy didnt "fall" for Itam. That would have saved both of you from being irritated by her! LOL.

Treadmill said...

Good info! Thanks for sharing with us on your blog.