Happy 13th Anniversary!

Yesterday's was Jack's 13th Anniversary with HC. Read the story here on how Jack came into HC's life 13 years ago. Since HC does not know when is Jack's exact birthday, she decided that the anniversary date shall be his birthday.

When HC first adopted Jack, the vet said Jack should be about 2-3 years. So that makes him 15-16 years old!

Oh my... I am 11 years old now. We are all getting old :( but luckily still very healthy and active.

Anyway, HC came back yesterday holding a plastic bag of food. However, we didn't give get to see it properly as HC said it was for Jack to share with his friends later on!

I was resting on the comfy seat while watching HC get ready to bring us to Scuba's place for Jack's anniversary celebration.

When we reached Scuba's place, Scuba's and Helios' mum gave Jack a surprise - a cake.
So Jack had two cakes this year (probably to make up for his lack of anniversary celebration last year)

The one on the left was the cake complimentary from Scuba's & Helios' mum. Seems that they have a thing for cakes in blue :)

HC also bought meatballs and cheese tartlets.

Our human godsister was happily singing a birthday song for Jack and grinning as she thought the cake was for her too.

hahaha. We told her the cake was meant for dogs, but since it is human grade, she can eat alittle of it.

The 'birthday' boy gets to have the first bite.

Later at night, a contented and happy Jack snooze in his bed.

HC : I cannot believe it has been 13 years since I first adopted Jack! It was an initially tough few months having him as he was a stubborn, aggressive dog who has no qualms about biting if he's not happy with you. My pride does not allow me to rehome him elsewhere, and I took the rough road to tame him through discipline, training and then love. I am glad we made it through.

Jack still isn't comfortable with too close contact with the other humans and dogs, but he's good enough for me. He has always protected me if he sensed I was in any danger. He's a small but tough dog.

I wish him great health for many more years to come.


Alfie's Mum said...

Happy birthday Jack.

Happy would love to partake those cakies!

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!
Sure you have given HC 13 great years!
Have fun!
Kisses and hugs

billiejean said...

What a great love story between HC and Jack..

Billie Jean

Randy Davis said...

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Anonymous said...


May I know where did you get Jack's bed? The one that he is snoozing in? :)) very interested in getting for my dogs! :)