New Love and Birthday Celebrations

We were not posting much as my HC has a new love....

She is always using this thing, and weird sounds comes out of it, disrupting our beauty sleep. Sometimes she laughed at it hysterically :(

Luckily, we were able to ply her away from her love for an evening to celebrate Scuba's birthday.

Attending the party were these 9 dogs (some appointed human representatives instead) .. the GR in the middle - Herbie is up in heaven, but I am sure he was there spiritually begging for food.

Can you recognise Jack and me? I was the JRT wearing red collar, and Jack is the middle JRT with black collar and big tag.

The place that we celebrated belongs to Scuba's great grandfather. They have a huge garden, and I went crazy playing balls for more than 2 hours!

Auntie V (Scuba's mum) made a huge cake for Scuba. I think there were yam, cream cheese, lamb, potato and some other unknown stuff. It really taste yummy!

Birthday boy gets the first bite.

After the night of partying and feasting, I was dead tired by the time I get home. 

Two days later, on Scuba's actual birthday, we had a quieter celebration. Actually, it wasn't much of a celebration to us as the fruit tart you see in front is for human consumption! Grrrr....

Happy 8th Birthday, Scuba.

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Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday to Scuba!
Glad you all enjoyed a good time!
Aaaand those things humans love to play with.... hmmm.... thankfully my mom is not very interested in!
take care
Kisses and hugs