A missing HC and a Bully

For the past month, we had our search and rescue training at a new facility - a deserted army camp located about 30mins drive from our place.

It is great that we have another new place to train, cos we dogs get so used to the old facility that it has became slightly boring for us. At first, the humans were worried that we couldn't perform at a new place, but they were pleasantly surprised.

Immediately when we saw the officers, we knew it was time for search and rescue work. And when HC brought out my SAR vest, I got all excited and started to quiver and bark! She had to hold me back initially by the collar as I was raring to go. (HC : the purpose of having a vest is so that we condition the dog that it is time to work. After wearing the vest, the dog is not allowed to do any territorial marking such as pee/poo, or go play with another dog. )

Last Saturday, only Scott and myself were there. As both of us are quite advanced in our SAR practice, we were given independent work - a huge area with lots of buildings to work on.

Immediately when HC gave me the command, I dashed out and started sniffing the air...

Can you spot me? Yes, HC was quite a distance from me.

She was lagging as she was fiddling with her camera and trying to find shady places to walk. (HC : I was giving you the opportunity to be more independent! not lagging!!)

This is the last place she saw me at...

After about 5-10 mins, she didn't see me or hear my barking (as indication that I found someone). Thus, she walked into the building and started calling out for me. After about a few calls, she started to panic a little as I didn't appeared. Trying to act cool, she called me repeatedly for about another 5-10 mins while staying at the same area so that I could search for her.

Finally to her relief, I came back panting....and gave her the look, "WHERE did you go??"

(HC : hehe.. actually Joey had went off to another direction when I wasn't looking. There was a cleaning contractor driving his lorry around the camp, and my guess is, the scent of this human causes Joey to sniff and ran in a haphazard way. Even though I panicked a little, I knew he would be able to find me if I just stood at a certain spot and kept calling as he is quite reliable in his recall. Later on, one of the officers said that Joey spotted him and was running towards him, but ran off to my direction when he heard me calling.)

Of course, after finding HC, I had to continue to find my real victim :)

As a reward for my hard work, I get to play my special rugby ball.

Now, why did I included the word "Bully" in this post title?

That's because HC said I have been behaving like a bully towards Jack recently.

Sometimes, both of us will follow HC around when we want something - time for dinner, treats or just attention. But recently, I have been acting like a jealous dog and started to nip Jack's face to stop him from following HC too closely. I am sure nipping the face wasn't painful at all, but Jack screamed as if I was disfiguring him. He will go, "Ahhhh aaaahhhh ahhhh" until HC slapped my muzzle away from Jack.

After that, he will framed me further by hiding underneath the chair and looking pitifully.


Hammer said...

Hello Joey

You could never be a bully and you sure did a great job with your sniffing and your training. I wish I could be as good as you. I have 'selective hearing' and I only listen to my mum when it suits me.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are a real good friend of mine. You always visit my blog when my mum can find the time (sigh !!!) to help me type.

Love from your friend, Hammer

Snowball said...

Hi Joey,

You are so cool to be part of SAR. I will be proud to have you as my buddy. I will link you to my blog. Ok?

Lots of wet wet licks