The Beauty

This is the beauty

And this is the beast....

oh ok... Jack's not really a beast, he is just a grumpy old man. By the way, he thinks he looks suave in this 'black tie' attire! *sniggers*

We have known the beauty - Szugar when she is only a 3 months old puppy. And yes, she is a true-blue beauty queen as she has won many titles in the local dog show.

Not only is Szugar beautiful, she is also a tease with male dogs (runs away coyly but nips & growl if the male dogs tries to hump her). In fact, she has caused a few jealousy fights among male dogs.

But I can tell Szugar has a soft spot for Jack - the old grumpy man. She allows Jack to growl at her when he is in a mad mood (if it is some other dogs who growl, Szugar would have shown her displeasure immediately!)

And Jack will usually show his obvious affections like twice a year (before & after her heat)

A few nights ago, this happened:

Sniff Sniff bum... (look how happy Szugar is)

Hump hump (errr... Jack, wrong side!)

And I said earlier that I can tell Szugar likes Jack because she allows him to hump her for a while. They had a fun time a few nights ago, running together, lying down on the grass pawing each other!
HC had a video of them running and playing together but it was too dark to be posted.
Frankly, I don't know why Szugar likes Jack when she can have the pick of any male dogs at the park. Maybe she will look even more beautiful when standing next to an uglier dog?
And a belated note:
Scuba celebrated a very quiet birthday 2 weeks ago with some of us. But there are no pictures cos HC didn't bring her camera. We had a feast, and even get to bring home goody bag consisting of pumpkin pastries and dried treats!
And we had 2 lovely personalised collars from Scuba too!

And a funny story to share as told by Scuba's mum. She went to buy the collars with Huskee's mum. And when choosing the various colors, Huskee's mum pick the blue one for Jack because - "Jack is a grumpy old man! and dull color like blue is just right". And sad to say, HC agreed about this statement and she usually buy dark colored accessories for Jack. *sniggers*


Bentley & Niko said...

those collars are very handsome! And Szugar is bootiful, you lucky dawg!

Joe Stains said...

I am a grumpy old man too, don't knock us! how come you got presents on scuba's birthday???

Joey said...

Bentley & Niko - yes..i loved the collars ... thanks for visiting.

Joe Stains - I know, Scuba is weird (in a good way)to get us presents on HIS birthday.. hehehe

Ume said...

hi Joey,
Szugar is indeed bootiful! i tot Jack looked handsome with dat bow-tie too!

Joey said...

ume - I think you are very kind to say Jack looked handsome... hahahaha
thanks for visiting!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Szugar is such a cute doggie...
And Jack looks handsome in the bow tie

~ girl girl

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

I indeed had a very quiet barkday and to add to my displeasure, my mom had to take a conference call that day.

I always give out presents on my birthday. The reason: to thank all my friends for remembering.

Huskee Boy said...

Aiyah.. mom said she picked blue for Jack cos it is more 'manly'.. it's suitable for Jack's image. Oh, so Jack has a 'new love' and he's forsaken me??? *sob sob*

Snowball said...

Nice collars you have got. Jack is actually quite handsome.