Sharing of Toys

My friends and I are so close that we love to share our toys (HC : hahaha... except you, Joey!).

Here's Tommy chewing on Scuba's beef bone.

After a while, he decided to make himself comfortable by chewing and sleeping at the same time.
He was enjoying himself... until Helios came along.
Helios tried to steal the bone by inching closer to Tommy...

After that, Jack and I decided that we too, wanted Tommy's (or rather Scuba's) bone.

hehe.. and I managed to steal the bone and took it to one corner to play (Jack was hovering around cos he wanted a bite too.. of course I wouldn't allow it!)
After getting sick of chewing the bone, I decided I wanted to chew Tommy's head.

(HC : I don't think Tommy will ever let another dog chew his head. So I think Joey was really lucky Tommy wasn't pissed off)
Then, I decided to chew Helios' head (with Tommy looking on)
When Helios resist my chewing, I showed him whose boss!
Ok.. that picture of me showing my teeth is just for fun! Of course I wouldn't hurt my friends!
(HC :yeah right! Joey just bit Helios' and Max's muzzle just now over some food! Note: Max is another new friend which I will post about another day)


Joe Stains said...

woah that looks like a lot of fun, I think I will go bite tanner right now!

Ume said...

u can be a little scawie at times, Joey!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Yes, I do share my toys and food. Why do you think my friends visit me (almost) everyday