Dreaded News

Last Friday, HC came home and told us that Toto refused to eat his food (fresh chicken and kibbles). However, he drinks alot of water - almost 1.5 litres every few hours. HC has a very bad feeling about it and hope he is not suffering from organ failure i.e. kidneys.

On Sunday, she was contemplating to visit Toto... but something tells her not to. This morning, before she could even parked her car in the office lot, a fellow colleague rushed to inform HC that Toto has been died since Saturday night.

HC saw Toto's dead body. He was very bloated (looks like a bear), and his stiff legs were up in the air. There was a lot of flies on his body as well. Of course HC didn't want to take a picture to post here as it may sadden alot of readers.

HC is sad that Toto had died at such a young age. He should be about 1 year old now cos he looked to be about 3-4 months when he first wandered into her office compound in September 2006. Even though Toto refused human touch despite HC feeding him for 10 months, HC knew Toto likes her as he always wags his tail upon seeing HC. Sometimes, he will try to follow HC for a distance. Just last month, HC bought some Bach flower essence, and there was some improvements in Toto. He allows HC to stand slightly nearer and sleeps peacefully in the open (he used to hide somewhere to sleep). HC was hoping that one day Toto will be open to her touch so that she can take better care of him (ie. showers, vet visit).

But I guess "someone up there" needs Toto more.

I am sad that Toto has never had any human touch in his entire short life, and would never know how wonderful a canine-human relationship can be. But at least, he has never gone hungry for the past 10 months - a life better than alot of strays in the streets.

Toto when he was a mere pup in September 2006.

Bigger and stronger in December 2006.

Good-bye Toto! I hope you are happy and enjoying yourself with 'someone up there'.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no this is so sad... Poor Toto's time here really was too short. :(

~ girl girl

Joe Stains said...

poor toto, that is just so sad :(

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Where he is now, he will have lots of friends.

Ume said...

Bye Toto! Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Toto. :/

Scout's Mom