Begging Trio

Nothing much happening these days as it was rain rain rain everywhere!

As usual, we holed up at Scuba's place and spent our evenings practicing our begging skills.

And where were we? Tommy, Jack and I decided to beg from someone else as you can see from the pic that the space is full.

Unfortunately, Jack and I were the least successful. We didn't get a single thing cos our HC wanted us to stay 'pure' (read : no preservatives, no sugar, no salt.... blah blah blah *roll eyes*).


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no, they didn't give you anything? I'll give you some sunflower seeds if I see you Joey. :) You eat seeds right?

~ Girl girl

Joey said...

Girl Girl - I eat anything ! (except fish head)

yl said...

YAY!! Herbie can beg... He is definitely going to be ok!! :D

Joe Stains said...

boooo I cant believe you didnt get any snackies!!! :(