Raw Diet - Whole Fish

We have been on a all-natural, raw diet for the longest time. But HC personally does not like raw fish so she would usually steam it lightly for us. However, she has recently started feeding us raw norwegian salmon fillet, and we seem to like it alot.

So finally, she plucked up her courage and bought us whole raw fish.


However, for the first time in our lives - we took the longest time to attempt to eat the whole fish. This is certainly new to HC since I have never ever refused ANY food.

After much coaxing and cutting the fish into tinier pieces, we ate a bit of the fish body but absolutely refused to touch the fish head.

HC left us alone as we were throwing her the look that says, " please feed me the usual raw meat". Usually, HC will not let us have our meals together without supervision (cos I may snatch Jack's food), but this time she is very sure we wouldn't fight (HC : it takes them so long to even eat the fish body!)

Jack decided to give up on eating and gives HC the pathetic look.

Please let me ouuuutttttttttt

This is the part that we refused to touch!

This meal is totally not yummylicious! Humph!!!


billiejean said...


You really eat the whole fish, together with the fish bones? and fish guts? Ohhh.....

Billie Jean

Joe Stains said...

oooh I dont think I would like this at all either!!!!

Clapton said...

Actually the fish head is the best for dogs. I also just started my dog with the whole raw fish and he seen to love the fish's eye alots.

Huskee Boy said...

... Uhhh... I got a bit wozzy looking at that last pic. I really empathise with you guys.. my poor Jack...
I like salmon too, but only cooked ones please..

alfie said...

aiyoyo, J+J, I had been thro the same torture of being coaxed to eat a whole raw fish too........i finally ate after Mum cut it up into smaller bits / I danced around the fish head as it looked gruesome with its eyes looking at me trying to eat its body. Yaaks. thank goodness i dont have to eat that anymore.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Ekks, the fish head look scary.. So did you eat it in the end? You're so brave Joey.

~ Girl girl