Homeopathic Medicines and a Heavenly Weekend

Our homeopathic medication just arrived from "Down Under"!

As you may be aware, HC is very particular about keeping us as 'natural' as possible. Besides a natural raw diet and treats, HC tried to supplement the usual canine medications with natural, homeopathic ones.

From left to right : homeopathic formulas for arthritis, heartworm free, plaqgone and droolo.

The last bottle got me puzzled... DROOLO??

Take a closer look...

Why did HC get this? This is really an insult to us, cos we do not drool!

(HC : hehehe... it comes as a package with the plaqgone, which as the name implies - helps to remove plague. Now the Droolo is kept away until I get another dog that has a drooling problem :))

And over the weekend, HC did something to please us.

She went to the market and bought lots of fresh food - chicken necks, chicken fillets, duck liver, and lamb organs to dry as treats for us.

Ta-da... drying-in-process : lamb liver, lungs and heart.

Drying-in-process : duck liver.

Finished product - Dried Chicken Necks.

Yummy... this is definitely a heavenly weekend!


billiejean said...


My Mummy actually use tea tree oil from Australia to clean the floor we play on. Mummy avoids chemical and detergent.

Billie Jean

Sky Clapton said...

My mum also ordered from holistic animal medicines. Mabe next time we could share the shipping fee =)

Anonymous said...

the dried end products look wonderful. where did ur mummy buy the dehydrator from??

Fi & No

Joe Stains said...

wow your weekend was fabulous!! that chicken is making me DROOLO!

Joey said...

Billiejean - your mummy really cares about you alot!

Sky Clapton - yeah.. the shipping is so damn expensive. Next time let me know if you're ordering.

Anonymous - Tangs has the dehydrator.

Joe stains - you think you need the droolo? hahaha...

Ume said...

ohhh... dat is one amazing machine! enjoy your treats!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Can you ask your HC (or my Auntie G) if I can have some of those heavenly treats pleeeeeeeease

Lorenza said...

Hi, Joey
Those treats look really delicious!! Glad your mom made them for you!
Have a good night

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those treats look yummy. How long will it take you to finish all the treats Joey?

~ Girl girl