What we've been up to...

As I've mentioned a few posts earlier, HC recently has been allowing us to play in our neighbourhood. Besides trying to make friends with the cats, I do my usual thing - "playing fetch" .

All attention now.. HC is making a throw..

After about 20 mins of non-stop fetching, I was finally satisfied enough to calm down for a reasonably decent shot.

Pant Pant Pant!
While I was doing my usual thing, Jack was doing likewise.

Guarding and watching... Look at his serious face.

The following are long overdue posts.

Herbie blog about restaurant outing long ago, and now I am finally going to post about it.

While Herbie, Helios and Scuba were at one end of the table, Tommy and us were at the other end. Sharing the same fate as H, H and S - we tried to beg but were not successful. I think the restaurant suck big time!

(HC : That's so not true! The food was terrific, and the waiters' friendly albeit forgetful. Most importantly, they are okay with dogs).

Here's how we behaved the entire night! (Hoping for food to drop from the table).

Goofy Tommy. He was trying to play with me underneath the table and accidently bang his head (very loud) on the table. The humans were shocked for a moment and started laughing at him.

Then Jack did a most embarrassing thing. A lady wearing a long dress walked pass, and Jack put his head underneath her dress! The lady was so shocked, and an embarrassed HC had to apologise. After that, we overhead her 'complaining' to her boyfriend that Jack peeked at her underneath the dress. Jack was lucky the boyfriend didn't walked over and whack him.. heehee.

More overdue post - "Sembawang Park"
We had not been to Sembawang Park for almost 2 years, and HC finally decided to bring us to our old haunt.

Butt in the air
Resting among the green green grass.
I was happy to check out this old haunt again.

So was Jack!
As it was a very warm day, we were so tired that we snoozed on the ride home.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's alot of pictures of you and Jack. :) Haa haa so funny that Jack pop his head under the lady's dress to peep. I hope he dont have sore eyes

~ Girl girl

billiejean said...

Hi Joey,

At the Garden Slug, can doggies go inside the restaurant ? or do we have to be outside alfresco style?

billie jean

Huskee Boy said...

wahahah.. Jack is 'chee ko pek'??

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Whoa wait a minute here! A restaurant named the Slug? My Mom is getting sick over here......

I can always tell when Jack is in a good mood - never!

Bussie Kissies