Baby Jack

Friends who have seen Jack knows what he is like - uptight, grumbly and don't-mess-with-me character.

At home - he is quite different; loving and attention seeking most times. Sometimes, he will act babyish and wants HC to carry him. However, the carrying does not last long, as he is always sits very stiff - and is uncomfortable for both HC and him.

In very very rare occasions (HC : I think less than 5-6 times for the past 9 years!) - he does this...

and soon fell asleep in HC's arm.

I think that particular day, he was feeling really close to HC as she had spent a long weekend with us - and brought us out to wherever she went.
He was acting so babyish that when HC put him back to bed, he quickly went back to her asking to sleep on her arm.
aarghhh..... I cannot stand his babyish ways. Can he behave normally again?
(HC : Joey was jealous and keep giving us irritated glance many times .. hehe)


billiejean said...

Ha Ha Ha.. Jack so funny! So Joey, do you always act like a baby? and want HC to carry you in her arm?

Joey said...

Hey BJ... I've always behaved babyish towards HC. In fact I have a lap fetish. I will sit on anyone's lap!

Huskee and Hershey said...

We finally see the 'manja' side of Jack! Proven that he's not grumpy all the time.. that's a very sweet pic.