Long Weekend

We had a wonderful long weekend.

On Sunday, we went to petmovers to replenish our treats and balls! We also met up with Willy - who is getting more and more handsome looking :)

His mum bought me 'recovery' presents ( - recovery from the bruises) - 2 spikey balls and a Cob Corn! Thank you, Willy's pretty mummy!

The next day, HC brought us to a cafe and a pet bakery to get these yummy biscuits!

There is also a shepard pie that was not in the picture cos it is already in our stomach.. hahaha

Updates on Cushing's LDDS test :
The vet called and said to wait for 6 weeks before doing LDDS test again, as they had injected some stuff in my body and it will take 6 weeks for the effects to go off... sigh.. another 6 worrying weeks to go.
P.S. my bruising healed completely.


billiejean said...

Hi Joey, I am so glad to hear that you have recovered from the blood sucking incident. Stay healthy!

Joe Stains said...

that Corn toy will cure anything!!