Cushing's ??

For the last 1-2 years, I’ve had some skin problems on my belly area – pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. I’ve been to a few vets, and the advices were usually ‘stay away from grass area’, ‘food allergy’ and sent home with a course of antibiotics. As my skin does not itch, HC usually use natural remedies instead of relying on antibiotics.

Some natural remedies that she has tried included: marigold/yarrow rinse, nettle extract, licorice extract, homeopathy meds, neem cream etc.

To a certain extent, my skin does improved from these herbal remedies but I would still get bouts of pimply breakouts. :(

Yesterday – HC sent us to the vet for a check up and showed the vet my skin condition. The lady vet suspects that I could have Cushing’s Disease – due to the presence of calcinosis cutis and my age.

HC decided to make an appointment for me to undergo LDDS (Low Dose Dexamethasone Suppression) test in 3 days time. It will be an 8-hour stay at the vet as I would have to have 1 injection plus 3 blood samples every 4 hour interval. Aarrggghhh….I think I might just die from the loss of blood!!!!

To make me feel better, Jack will come along as well for a blood profile work done – to see how healthy he is.

Please pray for me! I don’t want to have Cushing’s! I don’t want to have blood tests done!

(HC : I’ve read up on Cushing’s disease before, and I’ve never thought Joey might have it. Because besides calcinosis cutis, he does not display the classic symptoms of Cushing's. Ok, he does seem hungry all the time – but he has been like this since puppyhood, and most dogs are greedy, right? Haha..
In any case, it will set my mind at ease (but my pocket empty) to have the LDDS test done. I’ve already sort of decided to let him have homeopathy treatment instead of conventional ones if he does have Cushing’s. But again, it depends on the severity of his condition. But let’s hope it’s just a case of bacterial infection.)

On a happier note -
Old, grumpy Jack has some good news to share from the vet. From his physical examination – the vet exclaimed that she cannot believe he is more than 11 years old as he looks good. There are no signs of cataract and he has good dental health. Jack was diagnosed of having a slight heart murmur 2 years back. But during this examination, the vet said she cannot hear any heart murmur at all!

(HC : I don’t know if the heart supplements helped. But I am happy to hear that Jack does not / no longer has heart murmur.Yay!)


Lorenza said...

Paws crossed for your Joey!
I hope it is a baterial infection!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

billiejean said...

Oh Joey, I hope they let you bring your favorite ball to the vet.. stay cool..