Why Jack is no longer FAT

Most of you may not have seen how fat Jack used to be. Well, he is now 4.1kg and he used to be about 7 to 8 kg! I have pictures to show for it..

Doesn't he look like a pig?

Another fat picture with his CHH cousin - Willy

Side note : this CHH has been humping me since I was a puppy. Damn disgusting boy..

So, why the drastic drop in weight for Jack? That's because he started limping after an agility session. HC sent him to our regular vet, and from x-ray, he was diagnosed as having arthritis and spondylsis (degenerative spine) as well. However, HC thinks it might be more than that, and sent him for a second opinion. Thank god she did, cos the vet did a 'drawer' test (whereby Jack was on GA cos the vet did a painful test by moving hs two joints like a drawer)and diagnosed that Jack had torn his ligament. HC then decided to opt for surgery as prolong injury may aggravate his arthritis condition.

Picture of Jack with a cast leg on day 2 of surgery. See the dried blood stain above the cast?

Jack sleeping on HC's huge bean bag.

Jack happily chewing the rawhide despite the cast.

Day 3, where he is well enough to move a little bit. But he was not allowed to move much and was confined to a small room for the next THREE months (OMG.. I dun think I can take confinement for more than 3 hours!)

Jack finding a good position to sleep due to the cast

Jack finally healed after a three long months of inactivity. What was worse was that he needs to go on a diet. He was given half portion of kibbles (we weren't on raw food at that tme).To make up for his hunger, he was given steamed vegetables instead.

So now, Jack needs to maintain his weight as there is a higher chance of him to tear his ligament if he puts on any weight(even on the good leg). And no agility for him !

A leaner and happier Jack

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Herbie said...

wow... jack is really faaaaat~ no waist at all!