Chinese New Year Woes

Don't get me wrong. I love Chinese New Year cos HC usually just stays at home and be with us.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, HC brought us to her parents' place for lunch. While the human were having lunch, I had this....

This Fa-Cake was placed at the ancestors' tablet and HC's parents thought they had it well-hidden (from us) by blocking it with other stuff (plates of un-cut fruits and wine cups). But I have since learnt how to take the Fa-Cake without upsetting the rest of the stuff (yes.. this is not the first time I had taken the cake).

Quietly, I grabbed the fa-cake and ate it underneath the dining table where the humans are. I figured that if I eat underneath them, they wouldn't notice. (Have you heard of the Chinese saying that the most dangerous place is actually the safest?)

And I was right, no one noticed me eating the fa-cake until HC's dad got up from the dining table. By then, hiak-hiak... it's too late. I had eaten almost everything (including the paper that wrapped the bottom of the cake.

My woes started almost immediately after that. You see, the fa cake is almost the size of my head! I had a bloated stomach and had trouble walking properly, and I looked as if I am gonna puked any moment. But I held on (of course I am not gonna waste the food), and didn't puked till at night.

HC was laughing at my misery the whole time.

this is how my stomach usually looks like.

This is me two hours after the fa cake.

(HC : This pic was taken 2 hours later. He was actually more bloated immediately after he ate, and really walked very slowly for a while. heheh..he really deserved it!)


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hiak Hiak Hiak. Joey, you are so funny. We never knew one can get bloated from eating too much. We normally stop when we feel too full.

Boy n Baby

Sundae said...

I bet that thing was really yummy!

Joe Stains said...

wow!! was it worth it?! haha

yl said...

i am wondering... is the prayer alter table at HC's parents' place that low??? how did you managed to jump up without upsetting all the other stuff????? :|

Sharon said...

Snickers was naughtly last year and ate two rolls of cookie dough we had just pulled out of the refrigerator for baking. The dough would have made four dozen cookies. Oh boy, was Snickers bloated. Not very lady like!

Fu Fu said...

Woh Joey, your tummy looks real bloated there. I love to eat Fa-gao too.

~ fufu

Joey said...

BoynBaby - I never learn the word 'full : stop eating'. :)

Sundae / Joe S - yes.. it was yummy and worth it! I will do it again if I have the chance.

YL - altar is on the floor level :)

Snickers - way to go, man! oops.. I mean lady. i must learn from you!

fufu - you have same taste as me!

Huskee Boy said...

Gasp.. gasp gasp.. JOEEEEEY!! that cake was meant for the 'ancestors'!! Oh boy, you ate up the cake that was offered to them... gosh.. I hope umm.. they won't come after you.. (Btw where was Jack throuhgout this saga? Did he not help you with the cake??)

Joey said...

Huskee - you are soooo wrong :). I heard the older folks said that eating ancestors offering makes one a good boy. No wonder I am such a GOOD BOY.
Jack don't dare to snatch my food :)