Jack's Birthday

Jack celebrated his birthday last Sunday. HC guess he is about 8-9 years old.

HC had been slogging in the kitchen since morning and she was grumbling that we dogs had it easy, cos we only need to sleep and eat. But that's not true! We (Jack, Tommy & I) were actually salivating the entire day.

We had set dinner - Meat patties, mashed potato and carrots. One more scheduled item - shepherd pie was missing cos HC decided she had slogged enough in the kitchen for the day.

As usual, we had to 'queue' up for dinner - Jack, me, followed by Tommy.
However, Tommy was not happy he was last in queue that he actually barked at Jack when Jack's eating! Poor Jack almost choked cos he heard Tommy barking and tried to gobble down the food as quickly as possible.

Picture of the cake...

Jack had the honour to bite into his cake first. All the while, I was busying barking below the table and at the same time trying to eat up those crumbs that fell onto the floor.

When it was time to distribute the cakes, it was chaos! No pictures cos the humans were busying feeding their own dog.

Jack was not happy that he had to pose with his presents.
He can't wait to open them up.

Jack opening up his first present - Salmon Sticks!

As Jack is quite stupid when it comes to opening presents, I decided to help him.

Jack looking worried that I will take away his presents.

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