Rude dogs, ignorant owners

This post will probably offend some readers, but what the heck, this is my blog right?

I have always wanted to write about the many rude dogs and ignorant owners that we met, but I never really get down to doing it, if not for the encouragement from Jack (read : pushing blame).

There were times when we were in some park, happily minding our own business. Me, playing fetch and Jack sitting at a corner day-dreaming. Than, out of nowhere, there will always be strange dogs who came charging at us. To the owners, their dogs are just being young, hyper, friendly who wanted to make 'friends'. But they, the ignorant humans did not know that it is bad manners. How would they feel, if say, they are playing some computer games, and this strange person came up to lick, humped, or pushed you? So, when Jack or me retaliated by barking, nipping and chasing the 'friendly' dog away, the owners will say..'wah.. so small dog, so fierce!'

Note : Jack and I are not rude, we are just displaying normal behavior in response to rudeness. We do not show aggression towards other dogs unless they invade our space.

An incident recently made us realised the risks ignorant owners put their rude dogs in.

We and another big dog were in the park, each minding our own business. This medium size dog (I shall call him R) came charging in, and went to Jack to bump him. Jack was so angry that I think he nipped R and he (R, not Jack) jump back and yelped. R then turned his attention towards me, and wanted to disturb me. I was angry and told him off by nipping him, but I think I didnt nipped him hard enough cos he keeps coming back. All this while, R's owners did not make any effort to rein his dog in.

Anyway, R made a BIG mistake. He went up to the other big dog who is minding his own business. R went to lightly nipped the big dog thinking it was a friendly gesture. The big dog, being less tolerant towards young, hyper dog grabbed R by the neck and shaked him. R was yelling the whole time when being grabbed. Luckily, the big dog owner and HC managed to get the big dog to release R. R's owners were too shocked to do anything...... consequence of a rude dog!

One more thing to add, for new owners who have submissive dog, please do not let your dog be bullied by other rude dogs. Go ahead and say, "please control your rude dog!" The person may feel offended, but your dog will look upon you as a leader who will protect him when need be. (Please do not confused this with over-protectiveness, which is another big NO-NO)

HC has found a very interesting article by Suzanne Clothier, and has gotten permission to put up the link to her article "He just wants to say Hi" on my blog.


herbie said...

My M says this is a very good article. So now I can show teeth all I want without worrying that others will think that I am aggressive. lol

ice said...

lol. i wish some dumb dog owners can know this.. i got barked at by a pair of shihtzus non stop.. the owner can still say, they just want to say HI... HI is like that??

luckily, for them, my kor kor russ din want to join us for second run.. or else they sure die till jialat jialat.

Groovy said...

Very relevant article. Unfortunately, d popular school of thot prevails n I always end up being labeled d neighbourhood bully ... 'Wah, so fierce lah ur dog'.

Wait till I actually bite deir heads off. Wonder wat dey'll say bout me den, heh heh.