Men in big cars!

I decided I don't like men travelling in big cars, especially in BMW 7 series!

This is what HC and I saw this morning.

This BMW was waiting in the slip road, as there were cars on the main road waiting for the traffic light to turn green. I spotted a blind man walking from footpath A to B. Blind man stopped when his walking stick touched an obstacle (BMW) and tried to feel his way around the car to get to footpath B but to no avail. And all the while, the stupid BMW car owner just looked. He didnt even bother to get down his bloody seat and bring the blind man to footpath B. The poor blind man got to wait till it is clear for the BMW to drive off before walking to footpath B.

Irritating bugger! Can't you just spare 1 min of your time to help the handicapped! Are you glued to your BMW 7 series seat?? I'll pray that you have a flat tire later!

That was another incident that happened awhile back, another blind man (yes... there are plenty of blind people near when we frequent) lost track and walked on the main road instead of footpath. The blind man was aware but he couldn't figure out where the footpath was and show signs of panicking. HC stopped her car behind him and bring him back to the footpath. He was so thankful after that. By the time HC walked back, a few cars had to stopped behind her cos it was a one lane street. Luckily no one honked at HC, otherwise, they would find flying shoes coming toward their directions.. hehehehe


rafv said...

hehe. He thought here is in JB, if he stepped out of his car, somebody snatch it.. Here, moral of this story:
This bugger handicap on his brain...

Joey said...

I think his brain is smaller than the size of a pea